tour de lyon county

A Nonprofit Race and Fun Ride

We are a small group of individuals who work together to help put on a non profit event to raise money and awareness for JDRF and Special Olympics of Kansas. We couldn't accomplish this without the constant support from our sponsors and community members across the county who help behind the scenes.


Neutral Water and Food

We do provide neutral water support on the course in multiple spots. The water will be in large water jugs so you will have to stop and fill up your bottle on your own. Water can be found in the cities of Americus, Allen, Reading, Neosho Rapids, and Olpe. Some of the towns on the course may also provide food, typically this food is free but a donation would be a good way to show your appreciation for their efforts.



To view the results just click the year.




3 Person Teams

Bike teams Relay points: Neosho Rapids and Allen. Teams are responsible for transportation to and from relay points. THE LAST RIDER ON THE TEAM MUST HAVE THE NUMBER WHICH HAS THE CHIP ON IT OR YOU WILL NOT BE TIMED! The number that has the chip will be the largest number of the three your team is assigned.

Example: Your team is giving the numbers for 21, 22, and 23. In this example the number "23" would have the timing chip on it, thus the person riding the third leg of the event would need to have the number "23" bib on their bike.

Course Rules

This course for all riders in all divisions are open public roads and riders are required to follow all traffic laws. You are RESPONSIBLE for your SAFETY. There are several crossings of State Highways and paved county roads that have high to moderate traffic volume. A helmet is required to be worn at all times when riding. All bikes will meet Federal requirements which includes two brakes that work properly.

For a complete list of rules click HERE.



Registration can be done online HERE until a week before the event. You can also sign up the day before and day of for $5 extra. You also will not receive an event t-shirt.

Course Map

The 2017 course is the reverse of the last two years. Checkpoint 1 will be Allen and Checkpoint 2 will be Neosho Rapids. These two checkpoints are the exchange points for the 3 person teams.

The course can be found HERE and can be downloaded onto your GPS device. We will also provide cue sheets at registration if you need one.


Event Parking

The morning of the race we ask you not to park at Sodens Grove. Please park along Sodens Road or at Hetlinger Developmental Services. A picture of available parking can be found HERE.

Packet Pickup

You can pick up your race packet the day before the race at High Gear Cyclery from 2-6 p.m. or the morning of the race before the start.